Here I share my explanations of astronomy and space exploration as well as my perspectives on life. There is a major gap in understanding between the general public and the scientific community. Often conversations about my career goals lead to questions asking for explanation of a recent discovery or scientific theory. I am taking those questions and turning them into blog posts which, hopefully, are interesting, accessible, and understandable.

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The Forgotten Mars Mission – InSight

NASA’s InSight Mission landed on Mars November 26, 2018 with almost no public recognition. More people have asked me about the Chinese moon lander than InSight. So what is InSight anyway and why does it deserve more recognition? …

Why should you care?

  1. Understanding Mars as completely as possible is an important prerequisite to sending humans to Mars. We don’t want any surprises with human lives on the line.
  2. Studying the tectonic activity of Mars and its interior composition will improve our understanding of terrestrial planets and how they form. Our current sample size for planet interiors is one (Earth). With the knowledge from InSight we are doubling that sample size. By studying Mars, we are improving our understanding of Mars, all terrestrial planets, and the solar system’s formation and evolution.

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